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André Zambrano Salmen

German - Colombian, born in 1976 in Bogotá, Colombia, lived 8 years in the former German Democratic Republic, 22 years in Colombia and until now 11 years in the Federal Republic of Germany. Today I live with my family in Berlin, Germany. I'm a Professional in Finances and International Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis on Logistics Management from the Kühne School of Logistics and Management (today Kühne Logistics University) and the Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg (TUHH). I have 15 years professional experience, from which 9,5 years have been in Germany and 5,5 years in Colombia. I worked for 6,5 years as employee in the public sector, 5,5 years as employee in the private sector and 3 years as entrepreneur. My professional experience is aligned towards Supply Chain Management, with a focus on Procurement & Logistics Management, backed up on knowledge in internationalisation and entrepreneurship. During my career in Colombia and Germany in these fields, I also had the opportunity to work with partners and clients in Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.