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André Zambrano Salmen

German - Colombian, born in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Professional in Finances and International Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis on "Logistics Management" of the Kühne School of Logistics and Management (today Kühne Logistics University) and the Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg (TUHH). 17 years experience in facilitating trade between the European and Latin American markets, the implementation of projects towards process optimisation and activities to definen appropriate sustainability practices. Various responsibilities in public and private institutions, such as the German-Colombian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the company Salaco Colombia, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, the Embassy of Colombia in Berlin, Germany, the translation company RTS Ltda. in Bogotá, the consulting firm Salmen S.A.S. in Bogotá, the German consulting company ConMoto Consulting Group in Munich, Germany and ProColombia the Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Agency of Colombia.